Back to the sources:the rebirth of a forgotten repertory

The ensemble Artemandoline

With their ensemble Artemandoline, formed in 2001, Juan Carlos Muñoz and Mari Fe Pavón chose to go back to the original documents in order to the establish the true pedigree of this incomparable family of instruments. They have made a major contribution to launching a movement to encourage musical freshness and rigour. A better understanding of the compositions, closer study of the early treatises, the playing styles, the musical environment of the glorious era of the mandolin, leads to better appreciation of Baroque music, which itself became over time a mode of thought and action.  [...]


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1jui7:30 pm- 7:00 pmBlockflötenfesttage StockstadtArtemandoline & Meike Herzig

30jui6:00 pm- 7:00 pmKloster JerichowArtemandoline & Nuria Rial, Sospiri d'amanti

14jui - 16jui 146:00 pmjui 16Concerts d'été de St Germain, GenèveJuan Carlos Muñoz & l'Ensemble Armonia degli Affetti

21jui6:00 pm- 7:00 pmFestival du Bourbonnais"Il viaggio musicale"

29jui5:00 pm- 6:00 pmFestival 1001 Notes, Eglise Saint-Michel des Lions à LimogesArtemandoline & Nuria Rial

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Concerti Napoletani per Mandolino

Artemandoline take their listeners on a musical journey to 18th-century Naples.The Baroque concertos fascinate with their harmonic twists, ornate details and great melodic ingenuity, and offer a fascinating glimpse into the unique and highly evolved art of the "Neapolitan Mandolin School". [...]

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