Back to the sources:the rebirth of a forgotten repertory

The ensemble Artemandoline

The « Artemandoline », ensemble founded by Juan Carlos Muñoz and Mari Fe Pavón, insist upon using original scores in order to restore the mandolin and its incomparable repertoire to its former glory. Passionate musicians they spend their time updating forgotten early music masterpieces written for their instrument.

They are rigorous both in their work and in their research as well as aiming to be innovative and creative in their musical intent. Theirs is a simple ambition: through the disc or a concert they wish to reveal by these unique works, the emotion, humanity and the modernity capable of appealing to today’s audiences. Since their beginnings Artemandoline’s constant challenge has been to prove that ‘early’ music does not belong to the past, enjoyed only by a privileged elite. The selected repertoire despite belonging to a certain era, has a timeless and universal value perfectly suited to today’s world. The ensemble consistently aspires to recreate, bring to life and share this music with spontaneity, intelligence, and emotion. Artemandoline can be qualified as being innovative and unique, a pioneer and one of the major plucked instrument ensembles of this type in the world.

Changing in size the ensemble may perform as a small instrumental formation or as a chamber orchestra, from its beginnings the group has done its utmost to mix different musical genres, performing XVIIth to XIXth century repertoires on period instruments. The musician’s fiery passion is particularly appreciated by its public, their art of communicating and lively approach expressing all the emotions of historical music. Very quickly the ensemble demonstrated its instrumental quality thus defining its own distinct identity. Music critics and audiences alike are immediately thrilled by their original and enthusiastic style.

Artemandoline has achieved international recognition and perform on the most prestigious stages. The ensemble is regularly invited to numerous festivals devoted to early music:

  • Konzerthaus Berlin
  • Tage Alter Musik Regensburg
  • Athens Baroque Festival
  • Festival 1001 Notes de Limoges
  • Jerichow (MDR Sommerfestival)
  • Blockflötenfesttage Stockstadt
  • Festival en Bourbonnais
  • Moscou
  • Münster Barock
  • Münsterland Festival
  • Bruxelles (Festival Midi-Minimes, Conservatoire Royal)
  • Gröpelinger Barock
  • Paris Festival de Musique Ancienne du Marais
  • Paris Théâtre de l’Athénée
  • Festival de Música Antigua dels Pirineus
  • Festival des Nuits de la citadelle de Sisteron
  • Festival Musique et Nature à Bauges
  • Festival Internacional de Música Antigua de Chile
  • Bach Chamber Days Riga
  • Stockholm Early Music Festival
  • Wroclaw Cantans Festival
  • Early Music Festival Riga

  • Al Bustan Festival Beirut
  • Südtiroler Kulturinstitut
  • Festival de Musica Antiga de Loulé
  • Les Riches Heures Musicales de la Rotonde de Simiane
  • Festival de musique ancienne de St Guilhem le Désert
  • Festival International de l’abbaye de Sylvanès
  • Festival International de Musique d’Alger
  • Early Music Festival Miercurea Ciuc
  • Musica del Temps Passat de Roquefixiade
  • Early Music Festival Belgrade
  • Ankara Palas
  • Chisinau Organ Hall
  • Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica Gaudete
  • Festival Internazionale di Musica Antica Monza & Brianza
  • Festival européen de musique renaissance du Clos Lucé
  • Festival de Sarrebourg
  • Internationale Fredener Musiktage
  • Concerts de Vollore
  • South Czech Philharmonic
  • Philharmonie du Luxembourg
  • Festival Catalogne Romane
  • Vienne, Porto, Lisboa, Venise, Graz, Dresden, Liège, Oldenburg…

Artistic director& Founder

Juan Carlos Muñoz

Baroque mandolin

Juan Carlos Muñoz has studied with Sylvain Dagosto in France. He is a graduate of the  Conservatoire d’Esch/Alzette and graduated in the mandolin from the « Hochschule für Musik » in Cologne after studying with Professor Marga Wilden-Hüsgen. While still very young he embarked on a concert career, giving pride of place right from the start to constant and ever deepening study of the Baroque mandolin and early music in general. [...]

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Artistic director& Founder

Mari Fe Pavón

Baroque Mandolin

Cradled to the sound of the guitar since childhood, Mari Fe Pavón begins the study of the mandolin at a very young age with the teachers P. Chamorro and Caridad Simón and thus discovers a few years later the experience of orchestra and soloist in the orchestra of his city, under the direction of Pedro Chamorro. She also began studying guitar with Manuel Muñoz. She recorded her first record at the age of 15 with the same ensemble, and subsequently studied at the Conservatory of Alcázar de San Juan (Spain) and at the Conservatory of Music in Esch / Alzette in Luxembourg. [...]

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