Concerti italiani per mandolino

The program "Concerti italiani per mandolino" will take you to the heart of Naples and the Venice of the 17th and 18th century. The musicians of Artemandoline recreate with taste this atmosphere. The music of the greatest composers is mingled in an infinite rumor in the palaces, the conservatories, the theaters...

Concertos by:Vivaldi, Hasse, Arrigoni, Paisiello, Giuliano, Barbella, Cecere , Altieri, Caudioso…Performers: With violins, 10 musicians

The 18th-century mandolin concertos express the character of the Italian baroque language, where festivals, fireworks, masks, magnificence and extravagance proliferate. It is the apotheosis of the arts, creation and gigantic events. The celebration is everywhere. From the street to the institutions, art is never partitioned, but always alive. What constitutes the quintessence of the concerto, is the alternation between the slow and fast movements whose characters and tempi are pushed to the extreme, and finally the great freedom of execution left to the interpreter in phrasing and ornamentation, always at the service of expression, creating the Italian style.


[...] the Luxembourg musicians of Artemandoline have definitely dusted off the music of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. They give a new impulse, a new life to the ancient music [...]

Münsterland Festival, Christine Sörries, künstl. Ltg