Concerti Musicali

«La voce del mandolino barocco»

Jade, Universal France 2009

Sonata Arrigoni Presto
adminSonata Arrigoni Presto
Concerto Vivaldi Allegro
adminConcerto Vivaldi Allegro
Symphonie II. Andante
adminSymphonie II. Andante
Castello Sonata
adminCastello Sonata

« With the coming of Baroque, l’ange du bizarre hovered over the arts. » Rich and complex, Baroque music explored new means of expression; primarily new tones. Baroque musicians’ enthusiasm for the most refined sounds, including the mandolin, led them to seek aesthetics and sonority to an extreme degree. Which is why we must lend an attentive, careful ear to this disk. Artemandoline offers here a very jovial program that offers a wide variety of rhythms and timbres.


Juan Carlos Muñoz Baroque mandolinMari Fe Pavón Baroque mandolinManuel Muñoz aroque guitarAlla Tolkacheva Baroque mandola & baroque mandolinRuth López ClavecinFrancesco Civitareale ContrebasseKym Amps Soprano


[...] The ensemble is very seductive, and conducted from one end to the other with a highly studied rhetoric, which mobilizes the attention of the audience without discontinuity. This is undeniably one of the great qualities of this recording: the speech is never installed.Beautiful interpretation work.

Société française de Luth, JL Bresson