L’Arte del Mandolino barocco

Jade, Universal France 2007

Sinfonia Brescianello. Allegro
adminSinfonia Brescianello. Allegro
Concerto in G Maggiore Vivaldi II. Andante
adminConcerto in G Maggiore Vivaldi II. Andante
Symphonie Van Maldere I. Allegro
adminSymphonie Van Maldere I. Allegro
Symphonie XIII. Van Maldere. Presto Risoluto
adminSymphonie XIII. Van Maldere. Presto Risoluto

The program on this cd will immerse you in the Baroque world of the mandolin, a universe where exuberance and opulence are sovereign, and skittishness flirts with bizarrerie and madness. No music has been as vigorously energetic as that of the Baroque period, which is a hymn to life, feelings, and emotions, the striving for detail and beauty, le beau éternel… It is therefore a great fresco of life itself that awaits you when you enter the magical world of plucked string instruments: a plethora of images, sounds and colours, light and shadow. « Is it not strange that sheep’s guts should hale souls of men’s bodies? » Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing, II, 3


Juan Carlos Muñoz  Baroque mandolinMari Fe Pavón Baroque mandolinManuel Muñoz Baroque guitarAlla Tolkacheva Baroque baroque mandola & baroque mandolinFrancesco Civitareale Contrebasse


[...] the excellent virtuosos of Artemandoline have chosen to adapt to each nail or plectrum each instrumental part of a judiciously selected repertoire ... precious moments ... fluid texture. Their audacity is fully rewarded ... A success.

Roger-Claude Travers, Diapason