Les Galanteries

Brilliant Classics, 2013

Sonata per Mandolino Zaneboni. Allegro
adminSonata per Mandolino Zaneboni. Allegro
Sonata per Mandolino Zaneboni II. Andante
adminSonata per Mandolino Zaneboni II. Andante
Tre sonate per due Mandolini. Altieri
adminTre sonate per due Mandolini. Altieri
Sonata per Mandolino Signorelli II. Allegro giga
adminSonata per Mandolino Signorelli II. Allegro giga

The mandolin came into vogue in 18th century Paris, where the nobility and middle class became fond of the charming, modest but melodious qualities of this plucked instrument. This CD presents an exquisite bouquet of works written for the mandolin: genre pieces, sonatas and arias written by composers mostly forgotten nowadays, but highly fashionable in their time. The ensemble Artemandoline did extensive research into this genre, taking painstaking efforts to recreate this perfumed era of the Stile Galante, playing period instruments. « Galant pleasures », seems an apt description
for this release, which presents a charming
selection of works written for the mandolin
in 18th century in Paris. Zaneboni, Altieri, Cifolelli, de Gistau, de
Ferreira: many of the composers included
hailed from different parts of Europe,
eventually settling in Paris where music for
the mandolin was reaching its zenith. Other information:Recorded in August 2012.


Juan Carlos Muñoz Baroque mandolin A. Woll d’après A.Vinaccia 1760 / mandoline crémonèse A. Woll d’après M. Scolari 1790Mari Fe Pavón Baroque mandolin A. Woll d’après A. Vinaccia 1760 / mandoline lombarde A. Woll d’après F. Presbler, 1769Manuel Muñoz Baroque guitar F.P. Dietrich d’après J. Tielke, 1705 / guitare romantique A. Benito d’après Petit Jean l’Ainé, 1800Jean-Daniel Haro Viola da gamba D. Rubio d’après G. Barbey, 18thAlla Tolkacheva Baroque mandola, A. Woll d’après G.B. Fabricatore 1792Nathalie Pierson Soprano


[...] Their instrumental complicity was matched only by the finesse of the nuances, and the audience remained suspended from the soft and crystalline notes of the mandolin ... .perfect instrumental mastery and remarkable stylistic rigor, this group forced the admiration of the public.