Venice's Fragrance

Arias per mandolino e soprano

Sony/2020. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi

01. Traetta: Bella armonia vieni
admin01. Traetta: Bella armonia vieni
02. Galuppi: Rosa et Lilio
admin02. Galuppi: Rosa et Lilio
03. Manna: Se un core annodi
admin03. Manna: Se un core annodi
04. Vivaldi: Allegro RV 532
admin04. Vivaldi: Allegro RV 532
05. Lotti: Lascia che nel suo viso
admin05. Lotti: Lascia che nel suo viso

Our recording of Venice’sFragrance highlights Venice and its original arias for mandolin, voice, strings and basso continuo. Together the charm and exuberance of the voice, the instruments, especially the mandolin produce a pure wonder of refinement and originality. The music from scores found in various libraries throughout Europe has never been recorded. This particularly motivated us for the project.  In short, a CD which will enable many to discover the still widely unknown aspects of the baroque mandolin. The airs are beautifully crafted not only in the nobility of the vocal lines which are refined and dignified, unencumbered by ostentatious coloratura,but also in their rich and varied orchestration. This Venetian « fragrance »is a wonderful reflection of the unique spirit of the Italian baroque era with its abundant festivities, fireworks, masks, its splendor …

ArtemandolineNuria Rial soprano-

Juan Carlos Muñoz Mandoline baroqueMari Fe Pavón Mandoline baroqueGirolamo Bottiglieri Violon 1María Roca Violon 2Ellie Nimeroski AltoOleguer Aymamí VioloncelleManuel Muñoz Guitare baroqueUlrik Gaston Larsen ThéorbeJean-Daniel Haro ContrebasseRalf Waldner Orgue & clavecinAlla Tolkacheva Mandoline baroqueMartin Zeller BarytonLeonardo Bortolotto Baryton

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[...] A lively and impetuous writing balanced with constant contrasts in harmony; mixing very contrasting nuances and the diversification of the sophisticated sound of the strings and the mandolin. The ensemble interprets with impulse and precision the requirements of these baroque manuscripts, the golden age of the voice and mandolin. [...]

Aniol Costa-Pau, Opera Actual