Manuel Muñoz

Baroque guitar

He obtained his diplomas in guitar and plectrum instruments, (bandurria & mandolin)  with Pedro Chamorro, José María López and Antonio J. García Mengual. He was member of several plucked strings ensembles: « Trio Chamorro », the « Roberto Grandío » orchestra , the Duo « Chamorro-Muñoz », the« Nacional Ensamble » orchestra, the European orchestra « Il Forum Musicale », and the « Luxembourg Mandolin Quintet ».

He has performed in concerts in the USA,  Japan, Luxembourg , Spain, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Mexico, Cuba, and the UK.For several years now he has been concentrating on the baroque and renaissance guitar in the baroque music ensemble “Artemandoline” He is currently teaching at the Conservatorio de Musica of Ciudad Real (Spain).