Artemandoline & Lucie Horsch, recorder

A perfume of Italy

Concerti e sonate

During the baroque period concertos ad sonatas for mandolin and recorder were very popular as shown by the many manuscripts collected in European libraries. In the programme « Perfume of Italy » the scene is set as soon as the first notes are played, the music overwhelms us, we are enthralled, engulfed by the vertiginous passages of the mandolins and the recorder. An insolent liberty is taken, velocity, virtuosity….

Works by: Cima, Leo, Sammartini, Vivaldi, Arrigoni…Performers: 6/7 musicians & Lucie Horsch

With their ensemble Artemandoline, Juan Carlos Muñoz and Mari Fe Pavón offer the public the opportunity to discover the still widely unknown repertoire of the baroque mandolin.They have teamed up with the young Dutch musician Lucie Horsch, whose extraordinary talent has made her one of the most requested recorder players in the world. Together they have prepared an extremely expressive and emotionally rich program with works by Italian baroque composers including Antonio Vivaldi for whom Lucie Horsch has a special affection. A repertoire full of energy: a hymn to emotions.


[...] Artemandoline exuberantly reproduces the final splendors of Neapolitan instrumental music from the baroque era … the ornamentation is abounding in refined and lush detail. Such lambent, vibrant colours! [...]

Fabienne Bouvet, Classica