Festa Veneziana

Sonate & Concerti

No other music had such boundless energy as the music of the Baroque period; it is a hymn to life, to feelings, to emotions, in its search for detail and beauty, eternal beauty. In this programme you will be presented with a huge fresco of life. The baroque period, complex and versatile explored new means of expression, above all, new tone colours. The Baroque musician's curiosity for the most refined sounds, among them, the mandolins, directed their research in favour of an aesthetically pleasing and resounding style.

Works by:Antonio Vivaldi, concerti.Dario Castello, sonate.Ugolino, Uccellini, Arrigoni, Trento, Susier, Piccone, Romaldi, Venier, Sammartini…Performers: 6/8 musicians.

It is in the domain of the concerto that Vivaldi is revealed as a genuine creator by consolidating the tripartite form (fast -slow -fast.) Seduced by the graceful sound of the mandolin, he used it in several of his works. We have heard that among the musicians of l’Ospetale Della Pieta, certain were remarkable mandolin virtuosos. The mandolin concertos of this period clearly reflect the essential character of the Italian baroque, abounding with parties, festivals, firework displays, and masks, in all its magnificence...


[...] a small amount of mandolin music can go a long way, but in the hands of such musicians, a two-hour concert passes quickly for audiences that can appreciate the delicacy of tone provided by such graceful instruments.

Washington Post