Il viaggio musicale

Balli, Concerti, Sonate & Sinfonie

During the Baroque period concertos for mandolin were highly appreciated, as confirmed by the countless manuscripts to be found in European libraries. Starting in Naples the mandolin spread rapidly throughout Italy and all over Europe. In the programme «Focus on the concertos» the scene is set as soon as the first notes resound, we are overwhelmed by this music. The breath taking strokes of the mandolins engulfs us. An incredible freedom takes hold, speed, virtuosity, a dialogue between the soloist and the bows... A repertoire full of energy: a hymn to the emotions.

Works by: F. Caroso, Arrigoni, Trento, Piccone, Romaldi, Dall’Abacco, Vivaldi, Brescianello, Merula, Falconieri, Reali…Performers: 6 musiciens

No other music had such boundless energy as the music of the Baroque period; it is a hymn to life, to feelings, to emotions, in its search for detail and beauty, eternal beauty. In this programme you will be presented with a huge fresco of life. The baroque period, complex and versatile explored new means of expression, above all, new tone colours. The Baroque musician's curiosity for the most refined sounds, among them, the mandolins, directed their research in favour of an aesthetically pleasing and resounding style.


In the opulent Golden Hall of the Palace Rundāle (Latvia) we heared a delightful recital of Scarlatti, Dall’Abaco, Vivaldi and Veracini by the Luxembourg-based ArteMandoline ensemble. As the name would imply, the group comprises Baroque mandolins, Baroque guitar, viola da gamba and cembalo. This was musicianship of the highest calibre in an ideal setting of intimacy and charm.

Jonathan Sutherland, Bachtrack