Venice's Fragrance

Venetian splendors

Venice and music is a story of masks and orphans. Musical treasures are often full of surprises. The voice and the instruments especially the mandolin compete with charm and impetuosity to conjure up the vivacity and beauty of this music full of contrasts.

Works by: Lotti, Traetta, Galuppi, Vivaldi, Conti, Manna…Performers: 10 musicians & Nuria Rial

As for the arias recorded here the writing is brilliant, sound and contrasted, in perfect harmony with the tastes of the era. The voice and the mandolin form a dialogue. These pages are characterized, especially those for mandolin, by their exuberance but also by their delicacy, all in moderation. Here the music is codified, it surprises, fascinates and captivates us. Venice, with its bubbling knowledge surpasses all the other Italian musical centers. The appeal of its spirit, a blend of virtuosity, fervor, theatricality and richness of tones, here the mandolin is in its rightful place. This Venetian « fragrance » is a wonderful reflection of the unique spirit of the Italian baroque era with its abundant festivities, fireworks, masks, its splendor…


[...] Soprano Nuria Rial brings skill and charm to the arias, delighting both in the way that she sings the music with such style and duets with the obbligato mandolins to create enchanting dialogues. Throughout, the players of Artemandoline perform the music with style and sympathy, accompanying and partnering, whilst also enchanting [...]

Robert Hugill, Planethugill