K617, Harmonia Mundi 2012

Sonata per mandolino e basso. Arrigoni Preludio
adminSonata per mandolino e basso. Arrigoni Preludio
Sonata Fasch IV. Allegro.
adminSonata Fasch IV. Allegro.
La Bergamasca. Ucellini
adminLa Bergamasca. Ucellini
Dall Abaco. Ciaccona
adminDall Abaco. Ciaccona

Noble and wonderful, the mandolin was glorified through all the centuries and cultures. The 18th century did not escape to this rule, Artemandoline associate the too unknown composers of the Grand Siècle to the well known. In summary this record is full of energy and enthusiasm. Guitar and lute enrich the continuo of many pieces. The mandolins acquire a strength and vivacity that would not lend them. The execution, not content to be remarkable, is simply sublime and splendid by the life that circulates in this cd.  This cd is : a perfume from Italy : ostinato, improvisation and a real pleasure, complete of virtuosity and nuances, in short : the musicians enjoy themselves fully. A record essential in your music library, it inspires a joy of live !


Juan Carlos Muñoz & Mari Fe Pavón Baroque mandolinAlla Tolkacheva Mandolin & baroque mandolaManuel Muñoz Baroque guitarJean-Daniel Haro Violone & viola da gambaJean-Christophe Leclère Clavecin


[...] for the ornaments, these outstanding interpreters rely on the original manuscripts and treaties. Always with elegance and spirit, expression and spontaneity, virtuosity and brilliance, charm and ardor: a small hour of relaxing light with a catchy guarantee.

L’éducation musicale, Paris